LN Edition is a young publishing house founded in 2008. It produces and distributes a wide range of original artworks.

The founder, Lorraine Escarfail-Cojot, studied art and had a long career in the fashion industry. The desire to create top-end yet accessible works was born from her experience in both fields.

A wider target public is reached by producing multiple works at more affordable prices.

Each project is the opportunity to collaborate with an artist to whom LN Edition offers the chance to create a unique work: silkscreen on mirror, embroidery on photographic media, marquetry, rubber books, sculptures made of paper and so on. Whether a book, object or photograph is created, each edition reflects the artist’s universe.

The works published by LN Edition are in keeping with the Arts & Crafts tradition. Particular attention is paid to the choice of materials and the wealth of techniques available and artists are always selected with the greatest care.