Charlélie Couture

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Born in 1956 in Nancy (FR). Lives and works in New York (US).
"Big Panel Photograf", LCL, Paris 
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"Re-Construction", Dune Showroom, New York, USA 
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A'del Gallery, Lyon 
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AAA Galerie, Nogent-sur-Marne
The Re Gallery, New York, USA
"Bad Painting" (exp. coll.), Galerie 208 ChichePortiche, Paris
"Drawings and photografs", Galerie Antonio Nardonne, Bruxelles, Belgique 
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"New York, Photo-Grafs", Galerie Beaudoin Lebon, Paris
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Cloître des Arts, Avignon
Galerie Gastaud, Clermont-Ferrand
"Chambres d’hôtel", Galerie Ziggourat, Bruxelles

Livre:New York By Charlelie Couture

Charlelie Edition 2009 300 ex Livre 35x25 avec livre de dessin cousu main

Graduate from the l’Ecole des beaux-arts of Nancy, CharlElie is one of the founding members of the "multism", seeking interconnections between the different forms of expression (photography, painting, writing and music).
In 1981, he starts up "Local à Louer" an association of photographers, painters and poets. That same year, he published the famous Dazibao known as "A Proclamation of the Rock-Art".
Parallel to his fame as a singer, CharlElie pursuits his research in painting, sculpture and photography. Over 30 years, CharlElie released 23 music albums, books of reflexions, poetry and novels, he exhibited his work of paintings, photographs and drawings in Europe and then in United States.
In 2003 he settled in New York. Far from the exclusive image of a music star, he re-started his life from scratch re-inventing himself in the heart of the city that loves risk-takers...
All along these ten last years, CharlElie acquired a serious recognition in the American Art scene.